Hazel’s First Packers Game- Camp Bar Third Ward

Hazel’s grandpa isn’t very happy that Hazel went to watch her first Green Bay Packers game, but Hazel had the time of her life at Camp Bar- Third Ward. Camp Bar markets both their Shorewood and Third Ward locations as being extra dog friendly since your furry friends are allowed inside the bar!

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Dog Days of Summer- Dog Swim at the JCC

I recently started working at the Harry and Rose Samson Jewish Community Center.  Hazel has been a little sad that I haven’t been home with her every day. However, my new job has some perks and she got to experience her first one at the JCC Water Park. The water park staff decided to host their first ever end of the summer dog swim and Hazel was beyond thrilled to attend.

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Tyrion’s Milwaukee Adventures

Hazel loves to share her adventures with her friends and always welcomes them to come explore her new home! Tyrion and his parents Joe and Shelby came up to Milwaukee for the weekend and we invited them to be our very first guest blogger! We hope you enjoy hearing about their adventure!

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Welcome to Milwaukee!

Brian, Hazel, and I recently moved to Milwaukee, WI from California. Hazel is a Chocolate Lab and Belgian Malinois mix and she loves exploring! She got to have lots of adventures on our road trip from California to Wisconsin but what Brian and I discovered was that it isn’t always easy to find activities to do with your pup!

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