Pups, Pizza, and Po’Boys- Maxie’s and DiModa Pizza and Hot Spot

Brian and I love to eat out and if we can bring Hazel along, that is a huge plus! My family was in town for the Cubs vs. Brewers series and Hazel got to join in some of the fun by coming out to eat with us! We ended up going to two restaurants: Maxie’s and DiModa Pizza and Hot Spot.


Brian and I weren’t going to the game on Friday, but my parents were. We wanted to go somewhere close to Miller Park to allow my parents to get to the game easily. A friend of mine recommended Maxie’s and I gave them a call to see if the patio was dog friendly. Hazel was very happy to find out it was! It is a Southern Restaurant and they serve a variety of different foods from all over the South.  They have everything from BBQ to shrimp and grits. Maxie’s opens every day at 4:00 PM and has a Happy Hour until 6:00 PM. We got there early, so that we could relax and enjoy a drink! Their mixed drinks were delicious and so were the $1 oysters. Hazel enjoyed her bowl of water that was brought out right after we were seated and also some sweet potato fries. It was a relaxed environment and they made us feel welcome with Hazel. This is a great place to go if it’s your dogs’ first time out to a restaurant. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely come back here again with Hazel!


The other restaurant we checked out was DiModa Pizza and Hot Spot. DiModa recently opened and has posted a lot about being dog friendly on social media! I’ve been wanting to get there for a while mostly because of their dog menu. Lots of restaurants are dog friendly, but it’s always cool when a place goes above and beyond for your pup. Their dog menu features everything from Bowser Beer to Scooby snacks to a Puparoni pizza. Hazel ended up getting the Puparoni pizza because we were at a pizza place after all! Her pizza was huge and she even ended up with some leftovers to take home! The rest of us enjoyed either pizza or pasta. The wining dish of the night was the Wisco cheese curd melt! There were three other tables that had their dogs with them while we were there.  It can definitely be a challenge if your dog isn’t used to eating out with you or even if they have a hard time getting along with other dogs. Hazel is looking forward to coming back to try the rest of the items on the dog menu!

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Alli, Brian, and Hazel

Bark in the Park- Hazel’s First MLB Game

The first big activity we did with Hazel when we moved was take her to the Milwaukee Brewers’ Bark in the Park! It was the Brewers first time hosting a Bark in the Park and they hit a home run! There were dog friendly sections and each dog was required to have their own ticket. This basically guaranteed each dog to have enough space to move around and be comfortable. The first 300 dogs to buy a ticket got a chance to participate in a pre-game pet parade, which we unfortunately did not get to do. Looking back it probably would have been too much for Hazel to handle. All dogs in attendance received a Milwaukee Brewers collapsible bowl (I bring this bowl everywhere we go now) and a gift bag courtesy of Nylabone. Even though you had to purchase a ticket for your pup, you definitely got your money’s worth with all the other perks you received!

Brian and I were a little nervous about how Hazel would do with being so close to other dogs and the general excitement of the night, but we didn’t need to worry. I had purchased a special Brewers jersey for Hazel.  She ended up not liking it, but put up with it in the car on the way to the game.  Each car parked in a special lot for the night that was for dogs only! People were even tailgating with their best friends. Hazel was instantly excited to be at a place with all her new friends and completely forgot about the jersey she was wearing. We, then, walked to the special dog entrance for the night and Hazel patiently waited in line. Each person was required to sign a waiver for their dog and tickets could not be picked up until a waiver was received. The line went quickly and was a great way to transition your pup to the new and unfamiliar setting! We got there really early to allow Hazel time to take in her surroundings and get her excitement level down before the other dogs starting arriving. On the way to our seats, Nylabone had a lot of baseball photo ops to take with your pup and a person to help take photos at each station. We tried to take a few but Hazel was too interested in everything else to sit still for a picture. There was also a patch of grass in the area where pups could go to the bathroom throughout the game.

After we finished exploring the area, and Brian and I had grabbed a beer, we headed to our seats in the bleachers. Hazel was having a great time! Throughout the game, the Brewers had dog themed promotions such as a Simba cam (where people picked up their pups and held them like baby Simba) and so many other fun ideas! Hazel made lots of dog friends that night including two named Brewer.  She loved taking in the baseball game! The greatest part was that every dog seemed to be having a great time.  Because we were in the dog friendly section, no one minded a wagging tail to the back of the head or a pup just being a pup!  To our surprise, Hazel lasted the whole game and was one of the last pups’ standing. She did pass out on the car ride home though! It was an amazing experience and all three of us are looking forward to attending Bark in the Park next season!


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Alli, Brian, and Hazel

Beach Days are the Best Days

Hazel’s perfect day involves swimming and hanging out with all of her favorite humans! The minute she sees water, she starts jumping up and down like a crazy dog, so we have been exploring the best dog beaches to take her to! So far we have been to Harrington Beach State Park in Belgium, WI and Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan, WI.  The Wisconsin State Park System is awesome and a little different than what Brian and I were used to in California. We purchased the yearly vehicle admission sticker which is very reasonable ($28 for WI residents and $38 for out-of-state). There is also an option to purchase more than one sticker per household at a discounted price. We went with that option so that if one of us is busy, Hazel can still go on outdoor adventures with the other!   Even if you have prepaid with the admission sticker, still drive over to the park office because they provide you with a special dog map! It is a great resource to help you figure out exactly where you can explore with your pup, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally walking into the wrong area! They also provide you with a list of rules for dogs in the park! Remember to always follow these rules and to practice common courtesy! It takes a few bad dog owners to ruin it for everyone else!



Hazel’s first Lake Michigan adventure was to Harrington Beach State Park. It was a spur of the moment trip, so we packed a small picnic and Hazel’s bag and then hopped in the car. The park is about a 35 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee, so Hazel took her usual nap in the car. When we arrived, the lower parking lot was full so we parked up by Puckett’s Pond. Dog’s are allowed on the South Beach, so we began our walk down to the beach. It is a little less than a mile on a nice trail that takes you past Quarry Lake and to the dog picnic area. It’s an easy path down, but if you don’t want to walk both you and your pup are welcome on the shuttle bus that runs through the park! We got a little lost once we headed off the Quarry Lake Trail, but quickly turned ourselves around and found the dog picnic area. There were some steps down to the beach area with a sign stating it was the dog friendly area. The beach itself was pretty small and rocky, but Hazel did not care! She immediately jumped into the waves and waited for us to throw her ball!  Hazel spent an hour in the water happily swimming after her ball before we headed back up to the dog picnic area. This is the only picnic area in the park where dogs are allowed, but plenty of space for people to enjoy their food. Hazel enjoyed a few cherries before we headed back up to our car. The best part of Harrington Beach was the lack of crowds, which meant we pretty much had the area to ourselves. There were a few cons. The beach was rocky but there was also a lot of little dead fish that Hazel kept trying to pick up. Brian kept having to pick them up with a stick and fling them into the trees behind us. The other big problem were biting flies! All three of us were getting bit by them, which was not enjoyable. Overall, it was a successful day and Hazel enjoyed her first dip in Lake Michigan!


Our next adventure was to Kohler-Andrae State Park in Sheboygan. Brian had work so my mom, Cheryl, came with us. She works for a school, so she has her summers off.  Hazel definitely loves hanging out with her Grandma!  The park is about 50 minutes away from downtown, but was definitely worth the drive! We arrived at the park and drove over to the Sanderling Nature Center. Dogs are allowed to the beach north of the nature center and on trails throughout the park. We headed straight to the beach and found an area that wasn’t too crowded. Hazel jumped all the way down to the beach to show us how excited she was. This is a great swimming beach in general and many families were enjoying a day at the beach. The North Beach area is beautiful with the sand dunes behind you and a huge sandy beach to enjoy! The water was so clear that we could see Hazel’s bottom half while swimming. She kept sitting and laying on the bottom and being her normal goofy self. My mom and I wish we had brought some beach chairs and our swimsuits so we could’ve taken a dip with Hazel. The dog beach area is huge and also has some picnic tables where you could enjoy a meal.

We did not pack a picnic but we did find a dog friendly restaurant in Sheboygan called MoJo Bar. They have a pretty large deck and patio area out back. Our waiter brought out some water for Hazel before we could even sit down! They had a large beer menu and their food was delicious. I ordered the poutine and my mom ordered the Southwestern salad. It is definitely a great stop after a day at the beach if you don’t want to pack a picnic.  Kohler-Andrae State Park is currently my favorite dog beach area and I would say it is worth the extra 15-20 minutes in the car to go here over Harrington State Beach. Both state parks were awesome and perfect for any dog that loves the outdoors!

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Alli, Brian, and Hazel



Welcome to Milwaukee!

Hi everyone! Brian, Hazel, and I recently moved to Milwaukee, WI from California. Hazel is a Chocolate Lab and Belgian Malinois mix and she loves exploring! She got to have lots of adventures on our road trip from California to Wisconsin but what Brian and I discovered was that it isn’t always easy to find activities to do with your pup! You can look it up based on city but it doesn’t always give you a full list or even tell you how dog friendly a place is. I wanted to start a blog about our adventures in Milwaukee to help other dog owners find great places to take their pups! We have been here for just under two months and have already been to some great dog friendly places! I’m planning on backtracking my blogs to make sure I cover all these great spots such as Estabrook beer garden, Cafe Benelux, and more! I am looking forward to sharing our adventures with you and please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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Alli, Brian, and Hazel